Big Change Coming to


I think it’s obvious that is a fantastic domain name. is owned by Conde Nast, and it has been used as a fashion publication. This is about to change, and will move from fashion publication to an e-commerce website.

According to an announcement on the website, “ will become a new global e-commerce destination. At that time, our comprehensive fashion and runway coverage and much more will move to a newly expanded fashion shows channel of, to be found at”

There were quite a few comments about the pending change on Judging by the comments that were highlighted in the article, it doesn’t seem like the change is well received so far. I suppose this is expected since most people tend to dislike major changes like this.

I am not really into fashion all that much, but this change is interesting because of the exceptional value and branding of this descriptive domain name. I assume that is already a known brand in the fashion world, and relaunching it into something different will be interesting. Because of the e-commerce nature of the new website, I presume the owners of the website are going to market the brand heavily.

Kudos to Conde Nast for owning a great domain name like

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