Best Domain Auctions on Ebay


Are you looking to find the best and most popular domain name-related auctions on Ebay?   If so, Ebay has a section called “Ebay Pulse,” which features the most watched auctions in every Ebay category, including domain names. I don’t bid on Ebay auctions much, but when I do visit Ebay, I generally start with the Domain Name Pulse section.


  1. Thanks Elliot, I never noticed this before.

    I want to like this feature but maybe I’m missing the value — there’s currently 4 domains of questionable interest ( is not bad), a couple of scammy sounding “informational” auctions, and products you can have your domain printed on. The popular searches, while general, could give some indication of trends.

    Never hurts to keep a pulse on different sales venues though… I take it sometimes a gem shows up on here?

  2. Yes, I’ve gotten some good ones on eBay. It’s a much better venue for buying domains than selling them.

    Last year I paid <$5 for a .com that immediately made $15-20/day in parking. Last month’s purchases include a one-word (in a category where each sale is typically $xx,xxx) and a PR4 geo .com, both for far less than I’d pay anywhere else. But to find these gems, you have to look through a LOT of dreck.

  3. @Domain Superstar

    Define decent?….

    It’s all relative, dependant on your idea, situation, focus. What one person finds decent isn’t necessarily shared by those that are supposedly “in the know”

    It’s decent to them at the time.

    Just because you can’t find on ebay doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t decent names.
    and again it’s dependant on what you want to do with it.
    ROI can be good, as long as you aren’t one of the numpty’s that figure that
    and there’s lot’s of those around…

    Oh…and in answer to your question…..Yes,

    • @Michael Carter

      I sure wish I was, but I am not on their payroll yet. All kidding aside, I am just showing off a tool I find useful on the rare occasion I visit Ebay.

  4. Thanks, Elliot, I actually picked up a name there last night after reading this. Not a great gem, but one that may be well worth the $15. We’ll see.

    The pickings aren’t nowhere as good as they were back before that Web 2.0 article, but every once and awhile, you can still find ‘something’!

  5. I don’t know how the “eBay Pulse” domain listings usually are, but right now there’s nothing interesting listed there. I wonder whether some people get their friends to “watch” their domain sales so they’ll be listed in the Pulse.

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