Auction Arms Smartly Upgrades to More Relevant Domain Name


Auction Arms  is described as “the original online auction website devoted to guns and the outdoors.” Since inception, the company has used its branding for its website. According to Ammoland, the company recently underwent a domain name change, and it will now use for its website.

The article quoted company CEO and founder, Manny DelaCruz, who said, “The new domain name is one that is more relevant to what we do online, and contains words that are more often searched for at the most popular search engines.”

This is something I stress when selling domain names to end user customers. A descriptive domain name can be easier to remember than a niche brand, and it can help with search engine rankings. If more people are searching for “gun auction” than for “Auction Arms,” and the company has a stronger ranking for the term, it will be beneficial.

It does appear that the company will retain its Auction Arms branding on the new website.


  1. For those wondering… sold for $28,000 at Sedo, on or about July 16, 2009. The domain was parked with Sedo.

    Auction Arms was the buyer back then.

    Not sure why they waited so long to use it but at least they did.

  2. Auction Arms lost the race for relevance to Gunbroker long ago, so I guess this is a last-ditch effort to rebottle some of the old lightning, but I totally fail to see how their owning this domain advantages them in any way whatsoever.

    As it stands, Gunbroker is the ebay of the firearms auction world, Auction Arms is the Yahoo Auctions.

    What’s that old story about the B School professor who asked his students to draft a business plan to compete with ebay using 50 million seed money, the only student who got an A+ was the one who recognized it was a waste of 50 million?

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