Are You Selling Your Names?


From the Afternic DLS Blog, and brought to my attention by Dan:   If you are looking to sell your domain names, NameMedia might be interested in purchasing them.   I am frequently asked by my readers for advice on selling domain names or locating potential buyers.   I frequently suggest that they auction their names, as that tends to yield competitive bids. However, many people are interested in getting cash now rather than waiting for an auction, then waiting to see if their names sold in auction, and then waiting some more to be paid if the names sold.

If this is the case, and you are looking to close quickly, it may be better to deal with a company who is willing to pay for your names without any hassles. I don’t know what types of names they are looking to acquire, but my dealings with NameMedia properties have all been positive, so now might be a good time to connect with them. It is always easier to approach a buyer with his wallet opened!

PS: If you email Pete (per the blog’s request) tell him I send my best!


  1. Elliott,

    Although I personnaly haven’t sold any domains to NM/BD, I’ve heard some complaints that NM/BD offers next to nothing for domains. On the other hand, I’m sure that some domainers have unrealistic sale prices in mind. Overall, I think it’s generally believed that this option is a domainer’s last if he needs cash. It would be interesting to see some of the domains they’ve bought and prices they paid.



    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them. Pete is a straight shooter and well respected in the business. It couldn’t hurt to give them a shot if you need cash. You always retain the right to decline!

  2. Hello from where we get plenty of daily inquiries from both amateur domain holders and professional domainer’s alike. On a busy day we could buy 10-20 names. What’s nice is that we offer deals via paypal and Often, transactions are negotiated and settled on the same day so our clients have access to capital in a timely manner.

  3. In response to your interest in ascertaining the offers made by NM, earlier this year, I sent them a list of about 20 names, and their offers were as follows on the domains I can recall:
    customizeddolls 45 35 65 40 35 55 40 65

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