Apple Arcade: Apple Chooses


The forthcoming launch of Apple Arcade was announced several months ago. Apple Arcade is a game subscription service launched by Apple. It is currently being promoted via Twitter and likely other social media outlets:

If you click through to the Apple Arcade Twitter profile, you can see the domain name the company is using: Interestingly, Apple has not set up a redirect on its website, so if you visit, you end up on a 404 error page like this:

If you visit the matching domain name, you can see an Afternic page announcing the domain name is for sale. This domain name was created in 2005, long before Apple announced its gaming subscription service. In my opinion, the company should buy the matching domain name to ensure people who type it in will find what they are after. Seems like a no-brainer for me, especially considering the price appears to buy appears to be low five figures.

Apple seems to be hit or miss when it comes to its domain name strategy. It owns, but it doesn’t own It looks like Apple owns, but it doesn’t own or

With all the money being spent to promote Apple Arcade, I would have thought Apple would buy, but as of now, it does not look like the company has acquired it.


    • Yes, there is, which can make it confusing to the vast majority of everyday people who don’t know who probably think .co is a typo of .com.

  1. is a chic domain, in my opinion!

    .co has been used as the shorter version of .com. That’s why these big companies use it for their short url. (Google uses and Twitter uses

    My website uses .co, too, and I’m content with that 🙂

  2. Apple.. you guys have $200 billion in the bank. That’s with a B. Step up and cut a nice check for the owner.
    The .co is a joke. Do it like Amazon with 🙂

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