Am I Going to the GeoDomain Expo?


GeoDomain ExpoFor the last few weeks, well before the questions about the Expo arose, I’ve been trying to figure out if I will attend the GeoDomain Expo. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fantastic time at the GeoDomain Expo in Chicago last year.

The issues I am trying to resolve are multi-faceted. I’ve flown across the country 4 times since January (and I dislike flying), I am trying to preserve cash because my domain sales are down, I will need to be in Burbank for a week soon after the show, and I have three weddings to attend in May. All of this has made me second guess whether I will attend the show I need to attend.

Anyhow, I’ve been exchanging emails with a number of Associated Cities/Geos members as well as a few geodomain owners who are not part of the organization.   Just about everyone I know and correspond with in the geodomain business has confirmed with me that they are attending.

It’s not that the panels are a whole lot different than other conferences, it’s the people who attend the show. Most of the most successful private geodomain owners attend the GeoDomain Expo, and almost everyone I spoke with in July was more than willing to sit down and give advice. There was no hollow “here’s my card, call me” BS.   There was a lot of “here’s what we did to make it work” type of conversations, and “how can we help you generate revenue?”

While my geo websites aren’t making a ton of money yet, primarily because I haven’t been actively seeking clients in Lowell and Burbank, I have seen traffic grow considerably, as well as interest in the websites from businesses in those cities. I have taken advice from the show and applied it to my sites, and that has helped fuel their growth.

After much internal debating, I’ve made a decision about the show.   I have to be there. Flights will be booked today, and I look forward to seeing my friends – I know I have a whole lot to share with them from what I’ve learned this past year.


  1. Not sure if I can make it but I do agree with what you said and I was at the GeoExpo in Chicago.

    But how about a Boston show?

    Sedo is in Cambridge.

    Name Media (BuyDomains, Afternic, SmartName, in Waltham. guys are in Boston. (although not a member of AC, it has been a very successful website for over ten years.

    Then of course there is 🙂

  2. I am proud to be representation of the nation of Kazakhstan at the Geo domain house. We are loving our new glorious development of our nation capital Astana.KZ . I look forward to hanging out with my friend Elliot on the beaches. He is the greatest of my customers at

  3. I’m on the fence with attending myself, and I live in San Diego. I’m not much for geo’s although I do like them. I figure if nothing else its more good networking. Regardless I can’t see spending the cash when I’m not a geo domainer without first seeing the agenda. Will there be value in this show for me? Who knows. If they don’t release the agenda until the price goes up again I probably won’t attend on principle alone.

    Does anyone know what is going on with the show or is it going to be a surprise? Where are the social events, and so on?

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