All of NamesCon’s Domain Names


With NamesCon being the largest domain industry conference and a conference sponsored by quite a few new gTLD operators, it is no surprise that NamesCon is utilizing several different domain names for different purposes. Here are some of the domain names that I can see NamesCon is using for different objectives: – the original NamesCon domain name and primary home page.

NamesCon.Global – Used for the upcoming NamesCon Global conference in Las Vegas in two weeks.

NC.Events – Used as a forwarder / url shortener to NamesCon-owned properties. The primary domain name forwards to NamesCons’ main website. – Landing page for the NamesCon mobile app. This one appears to be sponsored by Radix, the operator of .Tech domain names.

I am not personally a huge fan of one business using multiple domain names, but I think its an effective way for sponsors to show off their extensions and show how multiple domain names can be used by one entity.

Based on a Google search, it looks like NamesCon is able to get and NamesCon.Global to rank in search results for “NamesCon.” Having a couple of different domain names ranking in Google could be helpful for driving traffic.

One issue I could potentially see is that it may be more challenging to maintain several different websites. Keeping all of the sites updated and secure would likely take more work than managing one website.


  1. I see when checking in Uniregistry NamesCon in 34 tlds are taken including, NamesCon.Link, NamesCon.Events,,,, and Seem that all are owned by other parties. This shows that persons in our industry always asking buyers to buy domains to protect their brands, but they themself don’t interested to protect their own brand.

  2. I think sadly this has more to do with getting ad money and looking busy than realistic or affective use. Honestly ridiculous in every sense of the word.

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