After Liquidation Ski Market Domain Name Expires


SkiMarket.comIn December of 2009, Ski Market filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company, which was founded in 1958 and originally known as St. Moritz Sports, changed its name to Ski Market in 1971. There were 16 locations in the northeast US chain at the time of its bankruptcy filing.

The company also did business on its website, Compete still shows over 1,500 visitors per month, but I’ve generally found those numbers to be light (for my websites anyway).

Because no other retail stores placed a bid to purchase Ski Market, in February of 2010, the bankruptcy court approved the company’s sale to Gordon Brothers, a Boston-based liquidation company. Gordon Brothers was hired to sell the company’s merchandise via liquidation sales over the following two months to help pay back creditors which were owed a significant sum of money.

For some reason, the bankruptcy court didn’t take action on the domain name, which would certainly be a salable asset. In June of 2010, the domain name expired and is currently on the pre-release list at NameJet and already has a $500 bid with 71 bidders.   Instead of the creditors getting anything from the sale (which included South Shore Savings Bank), the proceeds will go to NameJet and Network Solutions if this domain name is auctioned.

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  1. Contact the trustee Elliot 🙂

    I do this on occassion as we know but sometimes find the trustee just doesnt ” care ” or should I say doesnt find the money to be worth the effort, sad but very true. I have another great example of this where they actually stated this in an email and my offer for that name was $5,000…$5000 not worth their time, rather let it expire!

    Sad 🙁

  2. @ Danno

    LOL. It’s listed on the homepage of one of the most popular domain websites and it was featured in their daily newsletter. The auction had over 70 bidders before my posting and the newsletter. It’s not exactly a hush hush secret, and I am sure all of the knowledgeable bidders had it on their backorder list.

  3. ROFL… oops! Obviously, I missed this one, then. I can’t follow every domain site every day, there are so many of them and I do have other things going on, like enjoying a beautiful summer weekend.

    Based on what Dave Asmar posted above, I truly thought you were the Woodward & Bernstein here. My bad!

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