5 Picks for the .ME Auction


I am pretty much a .com domain investor, but when Sedo has a .ME auction, there are always enticing names up for sale. In addition, the .ME inventory auctions that are run in conjunction with the .ME Registry seem to have a higher sell through rate than other auctions. Greater demand fuels higher value, and that makes it more enticing to me to consider bidding.

The .ME auction ends on May 31, and my  5 favorite names in auction are listed below. As you can tell, the keyword(s) wasn’t as important as they keyword + the .ME extension. The domain name had to make sense as a .ME. I am not really a big fan of geo .ME domain names.

  • 777.ME
  • PublicRelations.ME
  • 555.ME
  • ContactLenses.ME
  • Debt.ME

I think it’s smart that .ME continues to hold auctions like this. When gTLDs are introduced to the public, businesses and consumers will have more options, and it’s wise to list these names now while the competition is much less.

What are your favorite .ME names listed in this auction?


  1. I like .ME, but unfortunately this auction doesn’t include a lot of verbs. Nice keywords, sure. But the way a name sounds is huge for me, and some of these don’t sound right, despite being good terms. Geos could also work, and there are some decent geos on the list.

  2. @Raathead,

    Your data is conflicting. What dot me websites are ranked in the top 500? List them.

    I doubt there are 77 dot me websites ranked in the top 500. According to Alexa, there is no dot me website ranked in the top 500.

    You sound like another Cline trying to build value into an extension that is not that good (IMO). Next time do your research.

  3. @J…

    let me ‘splain it 2 u.
    f-a c-e-t-i-o-u-s.
    this is how you spell facetious.
    it’s the main reason i never became a professional comedian.
    nobody gets my jokes.

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