5 Customizable WordPress Themes


When building out some of my websites, I generally look for an inexpensive website theme to use, and lately I’ve preferred to use WordPress, as it’s easy to update and add plugins. Sometimes I use the theme completely as is, and other times I hire a freelance programmer to make special customizations for me.

I’ve used ThemeForest.net several times, and the site always seems to have new and interesting themes to use – at relatively reasonable prices (between $15 – $35/each). Many of the themes offered have different color schemes and/or styles from which to choose, giving you more flexibility.

Below are my current 5 favorite customizable WordPress themes:

For those of you that care, those are affiliate codes although I do not know the designers.


  1. I really like the customized WP theme Wpclassipress.com which you used for DogWalker.com

    Very clean and professional looking.

    • @ Jon

      I hesitate to mention it (even though it worked well) because it was HIGHLY modified. My designer/programmer basically just used the core of the template and re-skinned the entire thing.

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