The Only Good News…


The only good news about the 2008 Super Bowl is that my fraternity brother (Ruben Ortiz) starred in the Taco Bell commercial. Oh… and the Red Sox are still World Series Champions.


  1. The only good news?
    Not if you were born in NYC like me and Michael!
    Interesting to note that dot-com was the only TLD used by EVERY Super Bowl advertiser (with some generics to boot):,,,,,,,,,, etc.

  2. Yes Elliot – today is not a good day for us in Patriot Nation. And to those who make the remarks about the Pats cheating, all I have to say is “he who hath not sinned cast the first stone!” Until next season, we have the Sox, and the Celts!

  3. Is Ruben Ortiz from Allentown? A couple of teachers here are wondering where he went to elementary and middle school because he looks very familiar.

    Ruben is from Allentown, PA, and he graduated from Muhlenberg.

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