Zions Bancorporation Files UDRP on 10 gTLD Domain Names


I was reading through the new UDRP cases, and I saw that Zions Bancorporation filed a UDRP for ten new gTLD domain names. Zions Bancorporation is a holding company with several subsidiaries in the banking business. Related companies include Zions Bank, Amegy Bank of Texas, California Bank & Trust, National Bank of Arizona, Nevada State Bank, and several others.

The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the cost of the filing was $2,000, not including legal fees. The domain names appear to be registered by the same London-based registrant, which is why the company was able to file a UDRP for all of these domain names at one time.

The domain names that are subject to this particular UDRP are:

  • zionsbank.careers
  • zionsbank.directory
  • zionsbank.equipment
  • zionsbank.estate
  • zionsbank.technology
  • zionsbank.today
  • zionsbank.ventures
  • zions.equipment
  • zions.holdings
  • zions.today

In addition to this UDRP, Zions Bancorporation recently filed four other UDRPs at WIPO. The company filed individual UDRP cases on the following domain names:

  • zionsbankk.com
  • zionsbankj.com
  • zionsbankc.com
  • zionsbankl.com

It’s interesting to me because it would seem that there is an endless amount of typo possibilities, and spending $1,500 on each UDRP is a considerable amount of money. I suppose it is less expensive and quicker than filing a lawsuit. It also sends a message to people who buy and monetize domain names that could be infringing on their brand name(s).

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  1. Interesting to note that these same names in the .com extension are all available except for zionsholdings.com. I guess instead of spending 90 bucks to register these now they will wait and spend a lot more later on a UDRP. Pretty Ridiculous.


    • Although they probably don’t receive any type in traffic, I would assume there is a concern about phishing attempts or something along those lines. Better to nip it in the bud, although the amount of domain names that could be used is virtually endless.

    • I wonder how many UDRPs will be filed by attorneys using a ambulance chaser mentality. Watch what is registered and then contact the company to represent them in a UDRP. With all of these new gTLDs a lawyer can build a career off of this right now.

    • This has been many a voiced fears since day 1, especially with banking, and medical records type companies. You are correct this action could go on for years. I saw NASCAR.club was taken as well by a party in Europe, this is really asking for it.

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