Yellow Pages Canada Hiring Domain Name Specialist


Yellow Pages Canada posted a job opportunity on LinkedIn that might be of interest to someone with domain name experience, particularly those whose roles included customer service and support. Yellow Pages Canada is looking to hire a Domain Name Specialist in its Burnaby, Canada office.

Here’s what the Domain Name Specialist job functionality will be:

“Want to contribute to the development and prosperity of local small and medium-sized businesses? Welcome to Yellow Pages! As a Google Premium Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, Yellow Pages is a leader in digital marketing for companies across Canada.

As a Domain Name Specialist, you will ensure the successful publication of our customers’ YP websites by handling domain name related tasks. You will also responsible for transferring existing email or setting up new email accounts to our platform, investigating domain name related issues,releasing domain names to customers, and troubleshooting email issues.”

It does not look like the position has a domain industry experience requirement.

The position is advertised as a full time job opportunity. I am not sure if this position can be filled remotely or if it requires that the candidate work from the Yellow Pages offices.

The job listing was posted a week ago, and there appear to be fewer than 25 applications made via LinkedIn so far.


  1. They were my inspiration for buying domains. Writing $400/month for a listing and then I bought the .com and .ca exact match and stopped paying for advertising. Their marketing team should be fired for sure. All they had to do was open their book and register all category headings .com and .ca. Lol

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