What’s Your Take on the Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercials?

I’ve shared the two Go Daddy television commercials that will appear at some time tonight during the Super Bowl:

Not only will these commercials be shown during the game, but they will be shown many more times following the Super Bowl when people rate the commercials and offer their analysis. I am curious about whether you like these two commercials from a domain investor’s point of view.

Please vote and feel free to share your thoughts below.


Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I think the .co one works well to actually introduce the .co alternative and remind folks watching of the problem they have finding an available name

    The other however misses, for the tenth year in a row, the BIGGER opportunity to reach Fortune 500 decision makers all of whose eyes are on the broadcast. Since this is about domains in advertising and the industry is all ears for their day of super bowl creative competition— GD should be educating them about the power of domains not the skin complexions of super models.

    In my view not as long as GoDaddy wastes year #10 with Super Bowl commercials that sell nothing. The GoDaddy spot is getting hundreds of millions of dollars in free airtime and cable news discussion (especially Fox who loves to show skin than blast others for morale failure in their culture wars).

    Unfortunately it’s all about how hot Bar Rafaeli is ad her kissing guy is not as if we are learning something we didn’t know. What is NEVER mentioned is what GoDaddy does and can do for you (I mean average Joe public no drunk domain gambling addict) and that adds up to ten years of EPC failure in my book.

    I mean on the Bowl you have the undivided attention of everyone responsible for this camapaign. Geez HP and all lamestream media: Ya think you might find a couple of sentences to throw in “A better quality name could make your website more valuable and you can find a pre-owned one right here in the aftermarket section of GoDaddy.com” or a voice over at the end of the spot? Domains are serious business- look at TechCrunch dead pool and see how many failed companies were DOA by starting up with a bad one. Sir Ogilvy is turning in the grave!

  2. So at what time during the day will .CO go from the current price of $6.99 back up to the gouging price of $29.99 to screw all the new suckers.

    • Funny. .Co is now second to .Com in resale value. I have made 30,000% profits plus by selling them privately. Sound like a sucker to you? Sheep goes baaaahhhhh!

  3. The “match” commercial was disgusting. I have twin girls, age 10 years and I had to switch chanels. Evidently families watching that commercial didn’t matter to you and your morals. Honestly, I almost threw up when the tongues came out. That’s when I had to change chanels. Who approves these super bowl advertisements? I really want to know.

    • Agree, I said how bad can it be with a
      beautiful girl like Bar? I seen it on YouTube and had to shut it off 10 seconds into it. Disgusting but lets face it, people are talking about it.

  4. THE MATCH COMMERCIAL- Unbelievable that this commercial aired during superbowl. So awkward watching this with our family members. Ridiculous who ever allowed this to air. It is disgusting that they would allow this to air, we are watching with our brothers and parents and do not want to see this kind of stuff.

  5. I get that sex sells, but I preferred the earlier Godaddy ads with the Godaddy girls. Those ads were more tongue-in-cheek.

    Oh wait…

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