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While planning my wedding, I decided to develop Initially, I tried to sell the name, but I couldn’t find a buyer quickly. With my experience planning a wedding, I decided that I would build a site to increase the value of the domain name rather than settling and reducing my asking price for a quick sale.
I got in touch with Rick Latona who told me about his new rapid website development service. Using some content I had written as well as a logo I had created, Rick’s team built a website for me in less than a couple weeks – probably closer to a week. While the site might not win any design awards, it has improved the CTR and is accomplishing its goal.
With the support of Rick’s team performing various marketing activities to help support the new site, I am seeing some positive results – all of which couldn’t be achieved by parking the domain name. In fact, currently, the site is listed on the first results page for MSN. More work needs to be done by me to make the site read better, but it’s gotten off to a strong start.
All in all, I think the new service is a reasonably priced way to launch a website on a domain name that has value, but just needs some TLC. While parked, the RPC for was somewhere around $1.50, and I am seeing similar adsense results. There has been an increase in traffic, and I am beginning to see some SE traffic from Google. This has led to an increase in revenue, which obviously increases the value when I decide to sell the domain name/website.
For more information, check out or drop Rick an email. Now that the entertainment for my wedding has been well-executed, it’s time for the honeymoon!

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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I don’t know Elliot, I know you have alot on your mind….but, if you click on jazz bands in almost any town, you get Google ads for travel agencies, surveilance cameras and DJ’s…..none of which is a jazz band.

  2. It sounds interesting. I’d like love know the following stats prior to and after development: 1. percentage of visitors from organic search vs. type in 2. no. of visitors, or at least % change 3. % increase in revenue (since the $s cant be disclosed). 4. Search engine rankings. For people relatively new to domaining such as myself sounds compelling, but i dont intuitively know that it works and some stats from a third party endorser such as your self would be very useful

  3. Elliot,
    What is the purpose of that orange Google button on the upper right?
    It takes people off your site and that can’t be good unless Google is compensating you for the referrals.

  4. Nice- i just bought a mini site from Rick’s service too and expect it to be delivered in a day or 2. It is a topic I have zero interest in so I glad to find an easy way to develop it.
    My goal is to take the domain name I purchased for $1000, invest the $250 into the aeiou mini-site, and see if I can sell it in a few months or year(s) for a nice profit.
    Alternatively, if the CTR and traffic do well and I cannot find a buyer, the mini-site seems like a good starting point to further build out the domain and web site.
    I have looked at other mini-site services and did not really trust the services.
    Hopefully a bunch of people can post their results with these new mini-sites in a few months.

  5. IMO, we cannot categorize such sites as “developed”, as opposed to just “parked”. Development is business development, actually serving customers coming to the site. Such sites still move customers them off the page to businesses that actually service the customer. It may not be “parking” in a tradtional sense, but its like “valet parking”.

  6. Hi Elliott,
    If domainers want to build out domains quickly, expertly, and very inexpensively, the number one service that does this is Remarkable is the adjective I want to bat around.
    I will provide more indepth info on this groundbreaking domainer service in the coming weeks. Keep up the good work with your blog, broey. Sadly, my award-winning blog site (the awards it has won are secret, almost non-existent) for domainers isn’t in your blog list. This makes me cry big tears. Stop those tears, Elliott! Don’t be afraid, Elliott, I won’t bite! join the domain industry in including my blog on your blog list!
    Stephen Douglas

  7. If you are interested in really monetizing your wedding domain, email me. We have 3K wedding professionals in our directory and pay out 70% for wedding leads to our advertisers. We could give you an RSS feed of our entire paying advertiser base of photographers, videographers, caterers, etc for an instant directory. Then wrap adsense around the border or top and bottom for maximum revenue generation. This is the same model we run for our wedding sites since 1999.

  8. Great to know about rapid site development and quick results. makes is a very good domain name. Imagine getting few affiliate sales related travel bookings and 5-10% commissions on those sales would make nice income from the site. Good luck with the site.

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