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Michael Bilde from Embrand shared a blog post with me from a hosting company based in Denmark called UnoEuro. In the March 9th blog post (written in Danish), the company announced that it was rebranding as In fact, if you type in, you will be redirected to The move was designed to make it easier for customers to remember and type-in the company’s brand name.

Here’s a translated excerpt from the blog post covering the reason for rebranding UnoEuro to, courtesy of Google Translate:

“We are reminded time and time again that everyone has different ways to pronounce (and even spell) “UnoEuro” if we have been lucky enough to remember the name at all.

That’s why we now rename UnoEuro to – a simple name that hopefully everyone can remember and love. :)”

There are a couple of things that stand out to me. First, is an awesome domain name and is super simple to remember. Second, the company did not simply rebrand as Simply. They are rebranding as so people know to find them on the .com. I think this is wise considering it is a European company, and many companies in Europe choose ccTLD domain names.

Despite using the Whois History tool found at DomainTools, it is challenging to determine when the company acquired The current domain name registrant is listed as REDACTED FOR PRIVACY due to European GDPR regulations. Prior to this, the domain name was registered to an entity in Great Britain for many years. shows that the domain name had been used by a company with a .IT domain name, possibly a domain registrar. I looked in my email, and I do not see any brokerage listings for, nor do I see any public sales records in NameBio.

Regardless of when or UnoEuro acquired, I think this is a smart rebrand, and would certainly be helpful if the company is offering its services outside of the European Union.

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