Trend Spotting & Domain Names


One of the smartest things a domain investor can do is read the newspaper, watch the news, follow popular culture blogs (like, and even observe kids at the mall in order to spot trends and capitalize.

There was a television commercial for Ameritrade a few months ago showing a father responding to his daughter’s request for money to buy jeans, and his reaction was to buy stock in the company that produces the jeans. Domain investors should do the exact same thing, but instead of buying stock, we should buy relevant domain names. For the domain investor with a good amount of cash, he should have been looking to acquire a name like or, and for people without that type of income, names like or could have been good buys.

One of the keys to buying valuable domain names is to acquire names that are meaningful and would be desired by others. Owning a name that is either the generic category killer for a popular trend or a name that represents part of that category is usually a good buy. Stick to generic names, and you should come out on top.

Buying stock in a growing company is fun, but you really have no control over the performance of the stock. Owning a domain name in a growing industry is much more fun, and you completely control how you develop, monetize, or sell the name.

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  1. Good post! I agree, the opportunities for registering good and profitable domain names will never cease to exist since new trends will continue to be created as long as there is a planet and people living on it!

  2. Eliott…once purchased, decisions need to be made.
    Please explore the selling side of domains.
    – What’s involved.
    – How to market.
    – Where to sell.
    – Keys to selling.
    – Things I’m missing.

    thanks Ed – Michigan


    Great idea – will try to cover tomorrow.

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