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Why I Am Not Investing in .WS Domains


If you know much about me, you know that I almost exclusively buy and own  .com domain names. I own a handful of non-.com domain names, but the vast majority of my investments are .com domains. I don't anticipate that will change in the short term.

Yesterday, Braden Pollock published an article about why he bought a self-reported six figures worth of .WS domain names. As you can see, there were a lot of comments, and I think having a public discussion like this is a good thing.

This morning,  I want to share a bit about why I wouldn't invest in .WS domain names (at least not now).

In my opinion, buying domain names like these is gambling that Chinese buyers will want to buy them at a premium price above what I paid. Buyers based in China seem to be buying a ton of non-.com domain names, and I still don't understand the Chinese domain investment market. I have seen various extensions selling (more…) → Read More

Why I Invested Six Figures in .WS Domain Names


I bought a portfolio of more than 200 premium 2-3 character .ws names (CHiPs) because, well, I like making money :-). As every domain investor knows, the Chinese market is on fire. Not only are they buying up short .com and .CN, but they're buying up many, many other extensions. I think .ws is next. I shouldn't say "next", knowing what I know now. It's already happening.

The registry (Global Domains International) has been holding back all 2 character names, most 3 character names and most numerics. They ran a test and quietly opened up 4 character names for 48 hours. More than 2000 names were registered in those 2 days – with NO MARKETING! And who do you think registered them? Chinese investors. I'd say that's tell-tale.

Did you know that Wang Shang translates to (more…) → Read More