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Yahoo and Intel to Bring Widgets to Television


Here are two excerpts from a hot off the press news bulletin in the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Intel Corp. and Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday announced plans for the Widget Channel, a television application framework optimized for TV and related consumer electronics devices.

and furthermore...
Yahoo-branded TV widgets "will enable consumers to engage in a variety of experiences such as watching videos, tracking their favorite stocks or sports teams, interacting with friends, or staying current on news and information," the companies said.

Just a few months ago, Widgets.com was listed for sale by Rick Schwartz on Ebay. If Yahoo employed forward thinking like Rick Schwartz, they would own the perfect domain right now. Well, I guess if Yahoo really thought like that, they would be owned by Microsoft now, but that's another story.

Now, with dropping PPC payouts, Rick has begun to develop Widgets.com. While Widgets.com certainly wouldn't have come cheap months ago, the value of this great generic domain name continues to climb. → Read More