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Bounced Emails & Non-Working Phone Numbers


FailureSome of the best domain names I have ever purchased came after receiving a notice with the subject "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" meaning that it was not received by the intended recipient. This tells me that inquiries from others went unreceived as well, and acquisition attempts probably ended there (or a phone call, which generally goes to a non-working phone number). Without having received many offers, a domain owner may be more inclined to sell his domain name to me if I can just get in touch and make a fair offer.

There are many ways to get in touch with a domain owner when the email and phone numbers don't work. A few ways to do this (although some might not be cost effective) include the following:

  • Find another contact at the company that owns the domain name.

  • Emails to random accounts @ the domain name (info, sales, webmaster...etc)

  • Google search for the company name or the previous owner's name to find an email, phone number, or address.

  • See the Wayback Machine archive of a previous website to find an → Read More