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Great Viral Marketing … errr Mistake


Apparently Domino's pizza made a big marketing mistake that was uncovered by someone looking to find a coupon code. The customer entered the word "bailout" when he was ordering his pizza online, and the website responded by saying his medium pizza was free.

The person then told other people about this error, and when all is said and done, there were about 11,000 pizzas given out for free by Domino's. Although this was apparently an error, the viral marketing can't be beat. In a move that cost them under $50,000 (assuming their cost per pizza is just under $5.00), they are now getting thousands of dollars worth of free press - not to mention all the sodas and other things people ordered when they found out their pizza was free.

Although this was a mistake, it shows how powerful viral marketing can be, especially in the age of Twitter and other instant news distribution outlets. → Read More