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Domain Auctions: Problems & Solutions – Part 1


Most domain investors would probably agree that the results of live domain auctions have been pretty weak recently. Aside from a few strong sales that have taken place, most auctions haven't produced the results people hoped to see. I'd like to discuss problems I see in part one and give my advice to improve live auctions going forward.

In no particular order, here are some of the reasons I believe domain auctions haven't been successful recently.

  • Lower PPC payouts and poor economy affecting domain investors' spending ability

For a few years, live domain auctions were dominated by some of the wealthiest domain investors. Many of these people and companies were spending money that they earned from PPC revenue. With payouts down across the board, there is less money to reinvest.

Likewise, with the economy in the tank, there is less financing available for domain buyers. People can't refinance their homes or other property as easily, and ultimately it means less money to spend on domain names. In addition, people are more → Read More

5 with… Rick Silver, n49 Interactive


rick silverRick Silver was recently introduced by Rick Latona as the new panel moderator for upcoming Traffic shows. I had the opportunity to meet Rick (and his wife) at the Traffic Amsterdam conference, and I think Rick Latona made a great choice.

Rick Silver's company, N49 Interactive, owns one of the best portfolios of generic .CA domain names, and almost all of them are developed, revenue producing websites. Some of his company's sites include,,,,,, and many, many more.

Right after the conclusion of the conference, I asked Rick if he'd be willing to do an interview on my blog since I hadn't had the chance to interview someone whose done so much with so many fantastic generic domain names. He agreed, but due to both of our hectic schedules, we only just recently touched base about this.

It will be great to have Rick Silver at upcoming Traffic conferences - both because of his domain knowledge, but also because of his development expertise. Thanks to Rick for → Read More