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Flashback to My First TRAFFIC Conference


I'm not sure if I've shared this story before, but with the Jewish high holidays happening and my planning my trip to the TRAFFIC conference in Miami, I wanted to share it with you.

I am generally an outgoing person, especially when I am in the company of friends and colleagues. I may be a bit reserved when I am with people I don't know. Keeping this in mind, I was somewhat hesitant to attend a domain conference. I knew a number of people through domain forums and private deals, but I had met just a couple of people in person. When I learned that the TRAFFIC conference would be in New York a few years ago, I decided I would make the most of it and bought a ticket.

In the same way that it's fun to attend an event that you know will have sports stars signing autographs or movie stars milling about, it was neat to see domain investors I had heard so much about. I was a bit shy at first, but I soon introduced myself to the people whose names I recognized, and to those with whom I had previously done business. Some people were → Read More

Moniker Reduces Exclusivity Period for Domain Auctions


As I predicted when Rick announced that there would be multiple live domain auctions at TRAFFIC New York, Moniker just announced that they are reducing their period of exclusivity. From an email that was just received:

Selling names in Moniker's Live and Extended Domain Auctions just got easier, with a new seller's agreement that reduces exclusivity terms down to 60 days. This important revision reinforces our commitment to sell domains on behalf of our clients, and is now one of the lowest terms available on the market. The combined selling power of Moniker and SnapNames makes it possible for us to do this – together Moniker and SnapNames offer the widest reach to domain buyers worldwide.

Facing increased competition from other auction houses, Moniker had to alter their standard agreement, as domain owners seem to be opting to list their domains elsewhere. Another telling sign of this is that Moniker is still accepting submissions for the TRAFFIC auction which will be held in less than a month. As I recall, previously, Moniker → Read More