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RDNH Finding in UDRP


Nat Cohen's Telepathy won a UDRP that was filed against, a domain name the company registered in 1999. The three member panel also found that the complaint to be Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). The UDRP was defended by domain attorney Zak Muscovitch of

There were several factors that contributed to the decision. Among the factors that stood out the most for me:

  • Telepathy registered several (keyword) domain names on the same day and at around the same time, showing that the company didn't target the complainant.

  • Telepathy owns a variety of generic domain names, such as this one, which are owned legitimately and without the purpose of infringing on the trademarks of other companies.

  • Complainant made an offer to buy the domain name

  • There were several purchase offers from a variety of companies, which showed that there are many entities that could use the domain name and that the complainant's brand wasn't targeted by the owner.

  • Complainant filed the UDRP 12 years after submitting → Read More

Telepathy Sells


I spend a considerable amount of time doing Whois searches on great domain names. One company that comes up more than most is Telepathy. This morning, I noticed a Whois change on, a domain name formerly owned by Telepathy and now registered privately. was also recently transferred from to GoDaddy, which led me to believe that Nat Cohen's company sold the domain name.

I reached out to Nat to see if he could share any details about, and he referred me to Media Options' Andrew Rosener. Although neither would confirm the purchase price, Andrew confirmed that the domain name was sold. "We can't comment on any details of the transaction, but Media Options brokered the sale of in what would be one of the leading sales of the year if made public," Andrew told me.

Based on (more…) → Read More

99 Designs Launches Swiftly


Graphic design marketplace 99 Designs has launched a new service called Swiftly, and smartly, they were able to acquire the  domain name prior to the launch.

Swiftly offers website owners the opportunity to work with graphic designers on small design changes at a relatively inexpensive price with a quick turn around. For instance, designers can make logo changes, banner edits, Powerpoint fixes, and other small design changes within 24 hours. I work with dependable designers, but sometimes they aren't available when I need a quick update, and Swiftly appears to address this problem.

It appears that 99 Designs was able to acquire the domain name sometime around April of 2013, although the domain name is currently registered at under privacy,  so the registrant cannot be confirmed. Prior to April, the domain name had been (more…) → Read More

DN Media Corporation and Telepathy, Inc. Launch

2 to provide website development services to domain name investors.

Washington, D.C. - March 25, 2009 – DN Media Corp. and Telepathy, Inc. announced today the creation of a joint venture called The new company provides mini site development services to domain name investors, offering them an affordable alternative to monetize their valuable assets.

"We are thrilled to be partnered with Nat Cohen of Telepathy on this project," said DN Media co-founder Bogdan Nastea. "Nat has ten years of experience in the domain industry, and he brings an impressive track record of turning domain names into successful businesses." offers three levels of mini site development to accommodate all types of domains and budgets. The Micro, starting at $80, is a one-page site which is ideal for lead generation and affiliate marketing. The Mini, starting at $170, is a five-page site which provides more content to visitors, keeping them engaged and coming back. The Big Mini, starting at $290, takes the → Read More