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Starfire Holdings Reportedly Sold for $500,000

12 has been reportedly sold for $500,000 in a deal uncovered by Arbel Arif this evening. Ali Zandi, founder of Starfire Holdings, confirmed that his company sold the domain name in a subsequent comment and in an email to me. The acquisition of was reported by me today, although that sale was for an undisclosed price.

The $500,000 acquisition of was announced at around the 36 minute mark of a streamed video called The Next Mega Trends In Crypto posted by Tai Lopez:

According to Ali (and the video), the buyer is a company called Polymath, which can be found at Polymath.Network. A Whois record indicates that the domain name has (more…) → Read More Reportedly Sold


Back in November, I noticed that Ali Zandi of Starfire Holdings was brokering the sale of the domain name. was owned by a company called Token Media, which switched domain names to while their domain name was being marketed.

Yesterday afternoon, I re-visited to see if anything had changed, and I noticed a new "coming soon" message on the landing page. Using the DomainTools Whois History tool, I also noticed the domain name had transferred from Network Solutions to Tucows earlier in January and the domain name is now registered under Whois privacy. Suspecting the domain name may have been sold, I emailed Ali Zandi to ask about the status of

Ali reported to me that the domain name was sold. Unfortunately, the purchase price (and original asking price) are not being revealed. Here's what Ali told me via email: (more…) → Read More