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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Launches Company Named Square on SquareUp.com


square logoTechCrunch reported today that Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, has launched a mobile payment service called Square. While the actual product/service looks pretty cool, I am surprised that someone with the capital resources such as Dorsey would launch a new brand on a domain name that is different from the actual brand.

The big problem for Square is that they are using the domain name SquareUp.com for their website. This really defies logic to me for a couple of big reasons.

First and most obviously because it's a mobile payment platform, and people will want to visit the website to learn about the company that will have access to credit card and payment info, and the web address is not intuitive. Many people will visit Square.com to learn about Square, Inc., and they won't find the information they desire.

Secondly, Square.com is owned by a Japanese company, and the domain name doesn't resolve. It's one thing if it resolves to another company's website, where the visitor can figure out that he needs to look elsewhere. It's → Read More