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Neustar Domain Names and to Go Up for Auction


As you can see from the banner that is now rotating on my blog, Hilco Streambank is marketing the individual auctions of two exceptional domain names: and The auctions, which take place on the Hilco website from October 14-17, will also feature the previously mentioned domain name along with numerous additional offerings. is a domain name owned by the New York law firm, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, which filed for bankruptcy in 2012. According to a May 2012 article in the New York Times about the firm, the bankruptcy was notable because it is "the largest law firm collapse in United States history." I can think of a number of companies that would most likely want to purchase this domain name. is a domain name that appears to be registered to a Los Angeles based company called Talei LLC. I couldn't find any background information about the company or why the domain name is being auctioned. At the present time, is being forwarded to

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