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Why I Believe Overstock Has “Become O.CO”


In a pretty surprising  announcement today in a press release, Overstock.com Chairman and CEO  Patrick Byrne commented, "We have become O.CO." Byrnes went on to say, "As a lifestyle destination, consumers can find absolutely anything on O.CO whether they are shopping for furniture, bedding, clothing, and jewelry, buying a car or home, and, soon, looking for their next vacation spot."

It's not often that a large retailer announces a re-branding effort like this, and it looks like the company may be ahead of the curve, as .CO will go more mainstream during the Super Bowl. The press release mixed Overstock.com and O.CO, and I think we will probably see a lot more O.CO and less Overstock.com in the near future, as using both would probably be harmful to the brand as that would be confusing.

In my opinion, Overstock has become much more than a company that sells overstocked items cheaply, as the brand name suggests. By transitioning to O.CO, the company that has done it's best to become known as the big O, will now become the big → Read More

Overstock Buys Another “O” Domain Name


OverstockI just received word that Overstock has acquired another single letter "O" domain name. The company purchased O.co.za via Sedo for $9,000. The .co.za extension is South Africa's ccTLD.

Overstock also made two other public "O" domain name acquisitions within the past year: O.biz and O.co.

Some people believe the company may be making these efforts in order to be in a better position for when O.com comes available. That would make sense, especially in light of their US trademark for O.com.

It will be interesting to see if Overstock continues to acquire "O" ccTLD domain names. It would seem that these public sales could impact their negotiation ability. → Read More

Overstock International to Rebrand as O.CO


OverstockI was speaking with a friend on the phone after my post about FB.CO, and it was mentioned that Overstock has indicated that the company will rebrand its International websites as O.CO. There is a small reference "soon to be O.co" below its logo.  At the present time, O.CO forwards to the Overstock website.

I think this could be very big for the .CO Registry, domain registrars selling .CO domain names, domain investors who have .CO domain names, and companies who have built websites on .CO domain names. The key to any TLD's success is consumer awareness and that comes most rapidly when large brands actually use the extension rather than have it simply be a forwarder or other form of brand protection.

If Overstock actually "uses" O.CO and doesn't just forward O.CO to something like Overstock.com/international, this will be very big news since Overstock is one of the more popular brands online.

I've mentioned this a number of times, but as a disclaimer my company owns a grand total of 6 .CO domain names (Bahamas.CO, cmm.CO, → Read More

O.Biz: Overstock Building .Biz Awareness


This morning, Overstock.com announced that it will be going live with the website O.biz on October 31,2009. The new site will sell mostly restaurant, office, and hotel products, with a focus on small businesses and consumers looking to buy in bulk at greater discounts than are found on the Overstock.com website.

Some people might ask why Overstock would want a .biz domain name for this project. You can't argue with the fact that it's memorable and short, two things that an established brand cares about. Likewise, the .Biz registry will have a showcase website, one step in building consumer awareness.

In my opinion, consumer awareness is what drives domain registrations after the initial speculative period ends and domain speculators choose whether or not to renew their domain names. The more that consumers are aware of a specific domain extension (and familiar with brands that use them as standalone sites rather than redirects to a main .com site), the more value the domain names have. This drives both consumer and business → Read More