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3 Reasons to Identify a Potential Buyer


When someone emails you an offer for a domain name, its important to do whatever it takes to find out who the potential buyer is. Not only is it important to allow you to maximize a potential sale, but its also important to head off any potential legal issues that could come as a result of even good faith negotiations. The UDRP decision shoes how negotiations can lead to a UDRP loss even when the domain name was initially registered prior to the Complainant's use of the term.

Reasons why it's important to identify a potential buyer:

1) Achieve a better price: Most people register domain names because they see the potential business that could be built on the domain name, although many people are buying domain names because they believe they make great investments, rather than because they hope to build a business based on their vision. Like just about every type of asset and other goods, most people will sell if the right offer comes around. This is why people engage in negotiations whether they intend to sell a → Read More

Use Caution When Responding to Domain Inquiries


Every day, people receive inquires on their domain names. People ask if specific domain names are for sale and some make offers while others ask the domain owner at what price he would sell the domain name. Now more than ever, it's important to carefully consider how you respond to domain inquiries. Andrew reported on the UDRP today, and the panel had one startling opinion:

"Complainant offered to buy the disputed domain name from Respondent for $500-$5000.   Respondent's engagement with Complainant in these offers and counter-offers is evidence of bad faith registration and use."

So there you have it. If someone inquires about your domain name and you engage in offers and counter offers, you could put the domain name at risk. In my opinion, this is a crock!

Everything I own is for sale at the right price. If someone came to my apartment and asked to buy it, of course I would tell him that I'd sell it for the right price. If he offered me double the book value because he really wanted it, I would sell it ASAP and → Read More