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Nokta Shares Its May Lease Deals


Leasing domain name is not really a new revenue model, but it's become more popular over the last couple of years. Many companies seem to be offering lease opportunities to interested suiters, and Nokta Domains is a large portfolio holder that promotes its lease deals.

I often see Nokta tweeting about lease opportunities, and they also use Facebook as well as email. I never asked them about the success of their lease offer strategy, but always just assumed it was working since they promoted it often.

This morning, Nokta posted a tweet with a link to its blog announcing the domain names the company successfully leased in May. In total, the company added 19 leases to the books last month, which are expected to generate a monthly income of just over $2,000. I am quite sure this income will far surpass the PPC revenue that was being made by the leased domain names before the deal.

I don't know if Nokta offers an option to buy or what specific terms are in their lease agreements, but if they had this success every month, the → Read More

Easy Deal With Nokta Domains


NoktaI just acquired a domain name from Nokta Domains, and I wish every transaction was this easy. If you are looking to buy a domain name from Nokta, I want to let you know about my experience buying from them.

I originally saw the domain name last year, but we weren't able to agree on a price. Yesterday afternoon, I was looking through some old emails, and I decided to inquire about the domain name again. The company had lowered the price on the name since the last time we spoke, and we were able to agree to a price.

This morning, I created an account on the Nokta website, added the domain name to my shopping cart, and purchased the name. Within thirty minutes of (more…) → Read More