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Google Launches Nexus One Sans Domain Name


As you probably know by now, Google launched their version of a mobile phone today called the "Nexus One."   Unfortunately for Google, they don't own, since it was originally registered in 1998. At the moment, is owned by Peter Villanueva, and the domain name forwards to several different websites depending on when you visit.

I would imagine the owner is probably sending traffic to other (non-phone related websites)   because of the significant traffic its servers are receiving. Should he try to monetize the traffic, Google could potentially have a claim that the owner is infringing on its rights. Of course I am no lawyer, but I do know the domain name is worth a significant amount of money now, and it wouldn't be worth the risk of losing it to make short term revenue.

Back when it was revealed that Apple was coming out with their iPhone, they had intense negotiations with Mike Kovatch, which resulted in the sale of just prior to the launch. It would behoove Google to find Peter and make → Read More