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GoDaddy Hosting BuyDomains Auction


According to a large banner on the GoDaddy Auctions homepage, GoDaddy will be hosting a private auction featuring domain names owned by BuyDomains. There are 150 domain names up for auction, and the starting price for each auction is $500. It appears that many of these auctions have reserve prices, but it is unclear what the reserve ranges are for individual domain names. A wide variety of domain names are included in the auction.

This marks GoDaddy's first venture into private "theme" auctions in over a little over a year. As you may recall, GoDaddy ran private auctions on behalf of the .Info and .Org registries in  late 2012, early 2013.

In the past, BuyDomains partnered with SnapNames to run auctions with domain names from the company's portfolio. I am not sure if the GoDaddy acquisition (more…) → Read More