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.Mobi Numbers Aren’t Pretty


I read the news yesterday about Affilias buying mTLD Top-Level Domain Ltd., the company that operates the .mobi domain extension. I don't think I've owned more than a couple of non-premium .mobi domain names, so I haven't followed the market, but according to an article appearing today in paidContent:UK, the .mobi numbers look fairly ugly to me.

The article references financial records for the mTLD company that were filed at Ireland's Companies Registration Office, although there was no link to the source of those. If accurate, it's a pretty bleak picture:

"In 2009 mTLD had a loss of €3.5 million on a turnover of €6.4 million, compared to a loss of €324,000 the year before on turnover of €9 million. Total assets less liabilities (eg money owed to creditors) in 2009 was €1.7 million."

The article further states that there are just about one million registered .mobi domain names out of the 187 million registered domain names.

Thanks to George Kirikos for sharing the link to the article. → Read More