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Mountain BikerI am looking to sell and have reduced the price to $6,300 for this domain name. As I did before, I will lay out the vision I have for a website on, which I will have developed should it not sell. If you'd like to buy this domain name at the reduced price, feel free to use my ideas below for your website.

Home page is going to have an image of a mountain biker almost looking like he is jumping through the screen. The background will be dark to highlight the biker, and it will be a bright day. I am thinking about using the photo above with some Photoshop work to make it pop.

The revenue generation areas of the site will be focused on either affiliate links or Adsense focused on mountain biking supplies - mountain bikes, helmets, shocks, seats, tires...etc. There will be a page for each section with commentary about different products and companies.

There will also be a section for mountain biking trips, tours, paths...etc. People will be able to submit articles about trips they've been on → Read More