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Monitor Website Downtime with Montastic


Late last year, I had some issues with hosting performance, and my blog wasn't always stable. If it was hit with excess traffic or if a plugin wasn't working optimally, my blog went down for generally short periods of time.  The most frustrating thing about it was that it usually required a quick reset and it would go back to normal.

If I was out of the office or if it was in the middle of the night, I wouldn't know that my blog was down until someone emailed me or until I returned and tried to log in to approve comments or write an article. I sought out a way to detect if my blog goes down, and I want to share that information with you, especially if you have mini sites that you don't check regularly.

I use to monitor some of my websites, and it's a great (free) tool. I signed up and gave them the domain names of a few important websites. When one of them goes down for some reason, I get an email alerting me to the outage. I then get a follow up when the site is functional again.

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