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“Dot Com Industry Pioneer & Visionary” Discusses Generic Domain Names


Domain industry veteran, Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, discusses the importance and intrinsic value of generic domain names in the video below. Zappy discusses what to do with a generic domain name and how to leverage these properties to make the most of them.

Zappy has significant experience with generic domain names like Beer.com, Computer.com, CreditCards.com and many others. He discusses some of the deals he's done and how he built generic domain names out.

This is an interesting video you might like to share with your friends who aren't familiar with generic domain names (or why you're a domain investor).

The one thing Zappy might want to change in the video is the quote from Dominik Mueller, which appears at the 4:08 mark.

"Domains are a lucrative investment vehicle. In fact, domains can go up in value faster than any other commodity on Earth." According to the most recent post on Dominik's blog, Dominick wrote, "it makes perfect sense to officially announce that I am no longer in the domain business."

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