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101 Domain Grabs After Carlson Let it Expire


Tucker Carlson Keith OlbermannThe news circling the political pundit websites today is that The Daily Caller, a website founded by Tucker Carlson, purchased On the new website, there's a bold headline, "WE OWN YOU The Daily Caller acquires"

Later, it was Andrew Allemann who pointed out that Tucker Carlson had to go the UDRP route to get his domain name,   Carlson filed a UDRP and was awarded his domain name in June of 2008.

Now has gotten in on the action. In reporting today's news bits and mentioning Andrew's article, the website poked fun at Carlson for being cheap and not spending a "couple bucks to nail down" wrote that it purchased at Godaddy, although they are using a privacy protection service.

The irony of the whole thing is that the current registrant of (presumably a company associated with Carlson because he won the UDRP for it) was the previous registrant of, and they let → Read More