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New Website Now Live


rio.comA little over a year ago at the TRAFFIC auction in New York City, Keith Levenson of Acme Media purchased for $450,000.

This significant acquisition marked a changeover for, as it went from a tech company website to a tourism website focused for people looking to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The hard work is about to pay off, as the new website went live this afternoon.

During the past year, Keith has made a few trips to Rio de Janeiro for research and to secure deals with local travel companies and hotels. People interested in visiting Rio can seamlessly book travel, tour packages, and Carnival vacations.

The next few years are going to be huge for the city of Rio de Janeiro, as the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics will be held in the city. By launching now, Keith will have a good amount of time to become established as the official tourism website of the city. → Read More

Big Day for Acme Media


New York based Internet media company, Acme Media, LLC, had a big day yesterday. Keith Levenson, CEO of Acme, attended yesterday's Rick Latona TRAFFIC auction intent on one thing - winning By the end of the afternoon, the company prevailed in the auction, winning for $450,000. The company plans to build a comprehensive website about the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

" wonderfully complements Acme's portfolio and will play a vital role in our strategic plan.   We are eager to implement our innovative business plan and make this one of the premiere destinations on the web," said Levenson. "We are also grateful for all the shared excitement and well-wishes from our colleagues, clients and competitors which, coincidentally, demonstrates the class, character and professionalism of our peers within and without the domain industry.   Thank you to all and all I have to say is "stay-tuned and hold on to your seatbelts!"'

In addition to scoring this great domain name at auction, the company achieved another → Read More