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Paypal Limitations in India Could Pose Problems for Domain Investors


I read the TechCrunch article  yesterday about Paypal limiting payments to merchants in India to $500 beginning March 1st, and I think it will make an impact on the domain business. If merchants need to accept a higher payment amount, they need to look elsewhere.  The restrictions have been put in place by the Reserve Bank of India rather than Paypal, and it was announced on the official Paypal blog yesterday.

In my opinion, this news could be very bad news for  Indian domain investors and could also be a big annoyance to others who live outside of India but who do business with Indian companies.

For just about all transactions that are under a few thousand dollars, I use Paypal. From my perspective, this limitation would pose a problem for me if I am buying a relatively low value domain name for a domain investor in India. The cost of using a service like might be prohibitive on a low value deal (but above $500), yet the seller wouldn't be able to accept a Paypal payment.

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