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Do You Hate The 2 Candidates?


I saw an amusing tweet from Igloo last night during the Presidential election debate:

The brokerage, known for its brokering of high value domain names, is looking to sell two political domain names: IHateDonaldTrump.com and IHateHillaryClinton.com. Interestingly, the Clinton domain name was registered back in 2012 and the Trump domain name was registered in 2015. It looks like both domain names have domain name inquiry forms on their landing pages right now.

Although time is running out on this Presidential election (THANKFULLY), I have a feeling that these domain names will keep their meaning for a long time considering how polarizing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are.

I have no idea what the prices for these domain names are, but I thought it was a bit amusing to see during last night's debate. → Read More