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Prayer Cross Direct Marketers Smartly Using Generic Domain Name


PrayerCross.comOne of the reasons I first got into domain names was because of the connection between my master's degree in Direct & Interactive Marketing and generic domain names. Owning a generic domain name makes the job of a direct marketer much easier, especially when the marketing campaign is done via television or radio. With an easy to remember domain name, consumers have less difficulty processing the message, and it's easier to send them in the right direction.

Even though I am not in the market for a cross or any type of religious jewelry, one direct response commercial from the holiday season I remember is pitching a prayer cross, a cross necklace that contains the Lord's Prayer in its "secret center stone." The prayer cross is being sold by IdeaVillage, a direct response marketing company, and its a part of "Montebello Collections."

Smartly, the company uses the easy to remember generic domain name, for its efforts. They could have just as easily decided that they would brand it using to → Read More