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Guest Post: Why Domain Names with Hyphens Are (Possibly) Undervalued


This is a guest post written by a reader of my blog who would prefer to remain anonymous. What are your thoughts?

Most likely you have shyed away from investing in domain names with hyphens in, they have traditionally been seen as barely worth the reg fee. Im finding this may be grossly undervaluing what is essentially a slightly different class of domain asset. Of course many domains with - in are indeed worthless, just like their big brother non hyphen names.

Take the case of a product/service type 'does what it says on the tin' exact match domain name - eg UsefulWidgets .com

This domain name is almost certainly not available for casual sale, if at all. Useful-Widgets.com may well be for sale at reg fee, in lots of cases Im finding - it is.

Your'e probably saying yes, its available to hand reg because its *worthless*. Perhaps not, it all comes down to the competition. If the owner of nonhyphen usefulwidgets.com simply has the page parked, or worse - badly forwarded with url masking on amazon type affiliate links, then → Read More