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New Startup Hipster Gains Popularity While Hipster.com Domain Name Expires


TechCrunch has been covering a new startup called Hipster, despite the fact that the company hasn't actually revealed what it's going to be or do. In fact, TechCrunch reported that the company had 10,000 signups already.

Because the company was late to the game, it operates on UseHipster.com rather than the more obvious (but way more valuable) Hipster.com. In my opinion, Hipster.com as a domain name alone is worth several thousand dollars because of it's connotation.

Incidentally, with all of this going on right now, Hipster.com expired on January 11th and is scheduled for auction on NameJet on February 15th. There are 11 bidders, and a starting price of $2,000 should it actually go to auction.

Since the domain name was previously owned by a company called Virtual Hipster Corporation, it's likely this is just an oversight and will be sorted sometime in the near future. → Read More