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Snapnames Emails Rebate Information


I just received two emails from Snapnames with information about the rebate offer (both emails look the same). The email from the company confirms the bidder ID as "halvarez," which has been widely reported already. It also informs users that audits were performed on all closed auctions by FTI Consulting, a third-party forensic accounting firm. The rebate offer is described in full detail in the email, and customers were notified what auctions were affected and how much their rebate will be.

If you were involved in a one on one auction with "halvarez" and won, the rebate is   the difference between what you paid and the opening bid, plus interest. If you bid in an auction with "halvarez" and others, the rebate will be the sales price minus what the next high bid would have been without the involvement of "halvarez" plus interest.

One issue I see with the rebate offer is related to the perceived value of the domain name in auction. On a personal level, I feel more comfortable bidding on a domain auction where there is more than → Read More