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☯.com Acquired by Gregg Ostrick for $11,201


Most low 5 figure domain name sales aren't really all that notable, but I think this one is a bit different. Veteran domain investor Gregg Ostrick of GNO, Inc. reported that his company acquired the Yin-Yang symbol Emoji domain name, ☯.com, for $11,201. Greg's company acquired the domain name privately from the former owner.

According to a tweet from @punycode_com, this is the second largest publicly reported Emoji domain name sale of all time:

According to NameBio, the largest public Emoji domain name sale I could find was ☁.com (the cloud Emoji), which sold for $13,600 in December of 2016.

Gregg shared the following information about Emoji domain names and his portfolio of Emoji domains:
"I wanted the Yin-Yang to add to my collection of 5 other .com emoji domains, which include the airplane, → Read More