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Have a Great Business Idea and Need to Raise Funding?


One of the things I've noticed about domain investors is that they aren't short on ideas for businesses on their domain names. People seem to buy domain names with a specific idea in mind for them, although many either lack the funding to build out the idea, the drive to build it, or they lack the experience to move forward with their project. has a neat article about 6 startups (which I had never heard of), and the article discusses where the founders came up with the funding to bring their idea to fruition. There are some neat ideas on where to turn if your business concept needs some start-up capital. The article covers:

  • AirBnB

  • Makerbeam

  • Boutique Larrieux

  • Everlater


  • The Extraordinaries

If you happen to be someone with a great idea that just needs some capital to make it happen, hit me up. I am interested to learn about your idea and may be able to help with funding - or may be able to put you in touch with someone else who can help. → Read More