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Francois Makes Business Decision, Lazy Domain Investors Go Nuts


Apparently Francois Carrillo of decided to add tech blog feeds to his website today. The result of the decision was that was briefly filled with non-domain related news articles. This made it difficult for domain investors to quickly find their favorite domain news and blog articles, and people publicly complained in blogs, Facebook, forums, and Twitter. That is, until Francois reversed course and took those feeds out.

I know has become popular because it allows people to easily find interesting domain-related news articles without having to visit a whole host of websites. I even get about 8-12% of my daily traffic from, so any confusion or excess articles might result in less traffic to my site. However, Francois has every right to make his own business decisions without public criticism from users who aren't paying him a dime.

I don't know if his business model is good (because someone may eventually buy him out) or it sucks (because it's now a loss leader), but that's → Read More