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Neustar Domain Names Why I Stopped Bidding & Some Buying Advice


Fitness TrainerWhen I was looking at Snapnames the other day, I saw an auction for, and I placed a bid on it. The domain name went to auction on Thursday afternoon, and the auction continued for a couple of hours after its original close time, with 5 minute extensions following last minute bids. ended up selling for $20,888.

Had I won the domain name, my plan would have been to build it in a similar fashion to and I opted to stop bidding for a couple of reasons. First, the price was more than I wanted to spend on a directory domain name right now. Second, and the reason I am writing this post, is because I wasn't sure if enough people were called (and known as) fitness trainers.

When buying a great domain name like this, it's important to dig deep into the numbers and actually think about the usage of the name. There are a lot more listings in Google for "personal trainer" than "fitness trainer," and the Adwords keyword tool indicates that many more people perform searches for → Read More