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DomainTools CEO Comments on Pricing Changes


I use DomainTools' portfolio of domain name tools daily. DomainTools offers an unrivaled Whois history tool coupled with outstanding domain name monitoring tools. There are other domain name tools out there, but my job as a domain industry publisher is greatly aided by DomainTools, as evidenced by the hundreds of references peppered throughout this website.

Earlier today, DomainTools  announced a change to its pricing and membership structure that will increase the membership cost. According to the email a few people sent me, "The price for Personal membership is $99/month or $995/year." This is significantly higher than most domain industry customers have been paying for many years. The company provided a discount code for customers for the first year, but the price is still considerably higher.

Having known DomainTools CEO Tim Chen for many years, I reached out to him and asked if he could comment on the change. Here's what Tim told me today: (more…) → Read More

See Other Domains Before Inquiring


I want to share a piece of advice for those of you who opportunistically acquire good domain names privately. Check out whether or not the domain owner has other domain names of interest before sending your inquiry.

Let's say you are in the market for good one word .com domain names and think would be great for your portfolio (my company owns the name).  Before inquiring, it might be good to have a short list of other domain names the owner has so you can inquire about those, too.

When you are buying domain names on a one off basis, the domain name might be priced much higher than if you are buying a package of domain names. In addition, by inquiring about more than one domain name, the domain owner will likely be able to tell that you are a domain investor rather than someone who is planning to build "the next big thing."

I regularly use tools like (more…) → Read More

DomainTools Whois “Service Unavailable” (Updated)


If you use DomainTools as much as I do, you have probably noticed that Whois searches on the platform return a "Service Unavailable" message. This service outage is impacting current Whois lookups as well as Historical Whois lookups.

DomainTools responded to an inquiry about the outage a little while ago via Twitter, telling attorney John Berryhill, "We are working around the clock with the provider to fix!" Several hours ago, the company tweeted that "ETA is a few hours out," and it seems that the issue is still being addressed.

The company did share a tip to access Whois records, although I presume this doesn't help with Historical Whois records: (more…) → Read More

Monitor Your Own Domain Names


With domain theft becoming a major issue these days, it is imperative that we are vigilant with respect to the status of our domain names. Obviously the easiest way is to monitor account alerts from our domain registrars, but if someone is able to access our accounts, I presume they could change the notifications or circumvent the process without us knowing that something was altered. If that happens, domain names could be transferred out or pushed to other accounts without us knowing about it.

One potential solution is to monitor your domain names via third party monitoring service like DomainTools or DomainIQ. Any time a change is detected, the third party service will send an email notification with the change that was made. If you know of other domain monitor services, be sure to let share it in the comment section.

I think the best way to  monitor my domain names  is to set up an alert for either the registrant name (business or personal name) and the email address used for domain name registrations. When the service → Read More

DomainTools Rolls Out Design Change on Whois History Tool


Last month, you probably noticed that the DomainTools website was redesigned. In addition to a new logo, the navigation and other aspects of the DomainTools website was changed. Aside from sometimes getting annoyed when I roll over the top drop down menu, I think the redesign was implemented well.

While doing some domain research at NamesCon this week, I noticed that DomainTools made a layout / design change to its popular Whois History Tool. Some of the changes that I noticed include the following: (more…) → Read More

Create a Domain Monitor List


Oftentimes, after closing a nice domain sale to an end user buyer, I'll research similar domain names to see if I can buy something to re-sell to that person or company. I figure that if this buyer is willing to pay retail pricing for the domain name I offered, I could probably sell other domain names to the company  at a similar price level (assuming it wasn't an inquiry related to a specific product or service).

Most of the time, the domain names that have aftermarket value are already owned by others, and sometimes they are developed websites. Depending on the owners of interesting domain names and how they are being used, I might (more…) → Read More