DomainTools Whois “Service Unavailable” (Updated)


If you use DomainTools as much as I do, you have probably noticed that Whois searches on the platform return a “Service Unavailable” message. This service outage is impacting current Whois lookups as well as Historical Whois lookups.

DomainTools responded to an inquiry about the outage a little while ago via Twitter, telling attorney John Berryhill, “We are working around the clock with the provider to fix!” Several hours ago, the company tweeted that “ETA is a few hours out,” and it seems that the issue is still being addressed.

The company did share a tip to access Whois records, although I presume this doesn’t help with Historical Whois records:

Although there are plenty of alternatives for standard Whois lookups in a pinch, DomainTools is my primary source for Historical domain name lookups and other important domain name research for buying and selling domain names. This has put a temporary halt on some of my domain inquiries that required a historical Whois search. I am sure others are in the same position as me.

Hopefully the outage will be fixed very soon. When a reliable service like DomainTools sees downtime, it reminds me about how important it is and how reliant I am upon it. I will try to provide an update when I see that DomainTools is up and running again.

Update: Service appears to have been restored.


  1. @Elliot, do you mind sharing how historical domain name lookups and research benefit in buying and selling domain names?

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